Super Simple Scanning.

No More Impressions.

Capturing the size and contour of your teeth and smile have never been simpler— thanks to the best-in-class technology of 3D imaging. Digital technology has virtually replaced the need for traditional dental impressions and molds. Rather than using putty or other moldable materials to record details about your teeth, gums, and bite pattern, we can now capture accurate information using a virtual imaging scan.

The Stone Dental Associates team can use digital scanning technology to design dental crowns, make 3D study models, create protective night guards, fabricate surgical guides, and customize clear orthodontic aligners.

We’re pleased to offer quick, painless, and accurate digital dental scanning as a pleasant alternative to traditional dental impressions.


Game-Changing Dental Diagnostics

Image quality is critical for diagnosing dental conditions like cavities, bone defects, and jaw abnormalities. Beyond traditional dental x-rays, the team at Stone Dental Associates depends on superior diagnostics to plan your orthodontic treatments, place dental implants, and treat your dental emergencies.

Known as a CBCT imaging, this technology provides us with a 3D view of your jaw, teeth, and anatomical details. The ability to capture 360° views of your face and jaw provides an extraordinary opportunity for our team to provide you with accurate and precise dental care.

Our imaging systems features calming ambient lighting, soothing natural elements, an open design, and whisper-quiet operation—all to keep you comfortable and relaxed as you receive the highest level of digital dental care.

Want to learn more about how our team uses digital dental technology to enhance your oral health? Contact us today for more information.