Dr. ReneeOur goal at Stone Dental Associates is to deliver the highest quality comprehensive dental care possible in a caring, comfortable environment. We are dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain a healthier, more beautiful smile. Our practice serves your whole family—children, teens and adults.

Our doctors are committed to an uncompromising level of excellence in family and cosmetic dentistry for our patients in the greater Atlanta area. Your first visit with one of our Alpharetta dentistry experts involves a thorough exam, comfortable cleaning and complete evaluation with time to discuss problems or concerns. In addition to general oral care maintenance, we provide family and cosmetic dentistry, including extractions, root canals, tooth-colored fillings, porcelain crowns and veneers. We do offer sedation options for patients who are anxious about their dental procedures, or who need to have several procedures done at one time.

If you would like to schedule an appointment, or you have questions and concerns about our services, we would be glad to assist you in any way. Contact the office at (770) 475-4449 during business hours or send us a message here..

Pediatric Dentistry

We know you understand the importance of establishing a good oral hygiene regimen early in your child's life. The staff at our office strives to educate all our patients, child or adult, on the importance of regular dental checkups, preventive treatment and good at-home oral care to maintain a beautiful smile and promote healthy teeth and gums.

The dentists at Stone Dental Associates use their experience and compassion combined with the most current equipment and techniques available in an exciting, fun and pleasant atmosphere to put your children at ease and make dental treatment stress-free.


Fluoride Treatment

Our Alpharetta dental office offers professional strength fluoride applications to help our patients avoid tooth decay. Fluoride helps prevent mineral loss from tooth enamel and helps strengthen weak areas of the teeth. Fluoride also helps reduce acids that break down the tooth, such as acidic fruit, coffee and soft drinks. The amount of fluoride used in this application is small and does not pose a health risk.

Dental Sealants

During every regular appointment, our doctor performs a routine examination and cleaning, keeping a close eye on any areas that are prone to cavities, particularly in children who are still learning consistent and thorough dental hygiene practices. Our dental experts may suggest sealants, a protective seal for deep pits and grooves where cavities frequently form.